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‘Eoin was the ideal coach as he knows sport and naturally understood the demands on a Professional Athlete. Eoin's coaching helped me win the Irish Championships in boxing. He helped me focus and stay grounded. Great intuition, interesting and easy to work with’.                                                                                                                                          

Dean Gardiner - Senior Elite Superheavyweight boxing title 

'When I began Life Coaching with Eoin I was unsure as to what it was all about.  I soon realised it's about trying to get you to the positive place you want to be in your life, whether that be in your work area, home life or free time.  By talking through certain situations that were bothering me at work and Eoin positively challenging me on how I was handling these situations, I became aware that I needed to put the work in to improve things.  I was well aware that I had difficulty saying No to people when I was asked to do additional work and as a result my workload was forever increasing.  By simply pushing back without being rude, I am finding things have become a bit easier and I am not feeling as hassled. The Coaching not only helped to improve things for me at work, it also made me more aware of my own self worth.  I am also very grateful for the goal setting talks we had.  When I was asked the question 'When you're 85, would you like to be able to look back and say you achieved certain things in your life?  My response was instantly 'Yes'.  It's all too easy to say 'I'll do it tomorrow',  I stopped putting off going for an audition for a choir I wanted to join and went for it.  I'm happy to say I got in and am looking forward to lots of gospel singing :-)'

Rachael, Tyrrelstown, Dublin

After three years of worrying about my future I built up so many thoughts in my head that I was finding it impossible to grasp just one and deal with it. I soon went down the counselling route but realised it wasn’t my past I needed to unravel it was my future.
After six hour sessions with Eoin my life has had a complete turnaround. Eoin thought me how to figure out what I want and how to ask for it. He has challenged me to goals I would never have followed through on. He has helped me to pin point the predicament and talk it through without going off the point, but also interconnects everything for me until it makes sense

Naomi, Dublin   


First Steps Goal Setting Seminar - Testimonials

‘Great seminar! I found your relaxed speaking style engaging, and your examples of personal experiences in goal setting made the content easy & interesting to follow. Looking forward to hopefully making the workshop and delving further...’ Ro

‘Hey Eoin, thanks for a great seminar. Really inspiring.. And just a flavour of things to come I'm sure’. Jeannette

‘This was a great seminar really informative and well delivered. The concepts and principals set out were insightful and helpful when setting goals. Looking forward to the workshop’. Paula

‘Excellent’ P Lenehan

Second steps Goal setting Workshop - Testimonials

Eoin, thanks for another motivational & inspiring workshop. I would encourage anybody interested in self-development or a change of direction to attend your next one. I got a lot from it with minimal investment & found it worthwhile & enjoyable. Nice to meet an interesting group of people also :)  Roisin

Thank you for an excellent workshop yesterday. You certainly showed us how to get out of our own way and proceed with achieving our goals. Will get in touch re the one to one
Camille Clarke



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