In 2016 I will run Dublin City Marathon in 2hours 58mins & 30sec's by training hard and using my Mindfulness techniques

This is the Swivel Chair to sub 3 Marathon challenge

The quick facts: I am 41. My fastest marathon to date is 3.29. I did this 4 years ago. I haven't run the marathon distance in 2 years. In 2015 I took part in just 2 races. Oh - and I have a ruptured disk in my neck....
Why is it called Swivel Chair to .....?  I work a lot. I'm self employed. I do on average 65 -70 hours a week
My Coach is Gary O'Hanlon
The Challenge began on Jan 11th 2016.

Week 1 
Run a day on and a day off. 1 hours

Put some strength in the legs. 

(My new habit is to run before I start working so training won't affect my work schedule) 
I start on Tue 12th and run up a hill for 6.75km and down for 5.75km. Elevation gain 300m. The road takes me past Cruagh Wood. Snow on the side of the roads. Beautiful view of Dublin. The M50 looks like a candle lit procession of light.
Should have brought a torch - freaked out a few cars. Sorry! 
Repeat same run on Thursday 14th. I am a minute quicker. I bring a torch. Everyone is happier... I've started eating porridge. I've always know i should - never liked the texture
Repeat same run on Saturday 16th except I do it after lunch. Much easier to run in early morning - less cars. Shaved a few wing mirrors due to cars giving me no space. Felt good so stretched it out for 1.5hours (don't tell my coach...)

Week 2 Run 3 days in a row. One day off. Back on 3  (1 x hour)
Day 1 done Monday 18th. 3 days in a row required this week of 1 hour running.  Up to the Cruagh Road again in the am (7.21am start). Feel strong. Quickest so far. When the hills really pinch - I engage some of the mindfulness techniques I recorded in the videos. To see them click here  More videos to come...
Day 2 Tue 19th. First time I've ran two days in a row in ages. I was slow getting out of the bed this morning. It took me 15mins of running to get into it. I had the song from Oliver Twist in my head 'We are reviewing the situation...' Made me laugh but i moved onto some more positive thoughts. Stayed on the lower roads today. To make it interesting I ran to places I've never been before (I'm new to this area). Felt a bit tired later in the day.
Day 3 Back up the hill to Cruagh Wed 20th. Mind was stronger and legs were stronger coming to the pinch before the summit. I was pumping in the positivity and using the Runner's Rhyme. Last time I ran 3 days in a row was in 2008 when I ran 7 marathons in 6 days. Good to be back :)
Day off or was it? Went for a sports massage... Ouch!  Hills are taking toll on body. Shins and left calf.
Day 4 Friday 22nd woke up tired. Ran tired. Stayed on the lower ground. Still completed the hour. The re -adjusting to morning running along with the serious increase in millage and new time of day I'm running is bringing on a bit of expected tiredness. Need to keep an eye on this. Bound to happen. If it was that easy - everyone would be doing it
Day 5 was down in Wexford presenting a half day of Goal setting. Too tired to go for the planned run. I listened to my body. Got an early night instead
Day 6 Sunday 24th up early for 1 hour in Curracloe and into the woods. My favorite run in the world. Enjoyed it. Later that day had the trial for nippysippy lid. Back to Dublin. 
Day 7 Back at desk in Dublin. Lots of catching up to do!!

Week 3  Run 4 days in a row. (1 x hour)
Day 1 -
Monday 25th Work up knackered. Storm Jonas was in full pelt. Decided to utube foam rolling and get at it. Oh my God - the lats!! I felt I needed the 2nd day recovery. Good call... 
Day 2 - Tuesday 26th. Screw Jonas - I'm going out. Did one hour on the flat(ish). Storm disappeared 20 mins in. New runners and socks. Feet orgasm !! About 30 sec's quicker than first time i did that run.   
Day 3 - Later start in morning due to radio interview. Very windy so decided to find some grass to run on in Marley park. Bit easier on the knees. Wasn't moving fast but Enjoyed it. 
Day 4 - Took a late run again. I had an idea swimming around in my head which made the run sail past. Dirty auld night but that didn't matter. Amazing how distraction can be such a ally 
Day 5 - My first 4 days of running in a row in a very long time. Enjoyed the challenge. Started to snow but it did that to everyone who was out at that time so big deal. Feel good. Loosing some weight at this stage. 
Day 6 - Sunday -  a day of rest. I'm on Gods training plan :) 

Week 4 Run 4 days in a row. (1 x hour)
Day 1
Monday 1st - No go. I felt I needed a 2nd days rest. Time is tight to get up to speed but I have to balance it out. Patience is important when reaching for our Goals. That is what makes blogging interesting. I can see the decisions I've made along the way and will only know later on if it was a good call or not. 
Day 2 Tuesday Had a belter of a run. I'm now 2.5mins quicker on the 'flatter' circuit that I do verses 2 weeks ago. The runner in me is waking up. Very good feeling. Sure if i continue to make progress like that I'll qualify for Rio... :) I put that down to the 2 days rest. A freshness in my step. 
Day 3 Wednesday 3rd Up the Cruagh road for hills. Legs felt heavy and it was a battle in my mind to keep focused. Tough one. But these are the ones where training pays off. My head was 'out of order' but my legs kept going. That is due to the muscle memory I'm building. It felt like i was going slow but I did it in my usual time. 
Day 4 Thursday 4th stayed on the lower ground and did half of it on grass. Needed to give the body a work out but also be kinder on joints. Foam rolled afterwards 
Day 5 Friday. I had to abort. Legs were sore - as expected. But hip is out of position. My hip can drop up to 2 inches out of alignment. I'll need to give that a few days rest and get it seen to. The attrition was bound to come. 
Day 6 & 7 Rest. Stay hydrated. Eat well

Week 5 
Day 3 Wed 10th 
Went to physio. Hip out 1.5 inches and a lot of mangled muscles in my right leg. Too much too soon or a tired body that has old war wounds? Dunno. Next few days will give me some clues.... Have to think long term. Just about to open a NEW charity event. Makes me wonder will i ever get to train. See how the short runs go over next few days

Update - going to Physio again today. 23rd Feb.  I won't lie - things don't look great. As well as being injured I'm working non stop. I've just opened up a charity race Patrick Pearse 5km for a charity in Argentina. They needed money more than i needed to run sub 3 so we'll see....

Unfortunately injury took hold and the project is on ice. I enjoyed the training and will be back for another bite at this. Thanks for reading. Eoin

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In 2016 I will run Dublin City Marathon in 2hours 58mins & 30sec's by training hard and using my Mindfulness techniques

This is the Swivel Chair to sub 3 Marathon challenge

The quick facts: I am 41. My fastest marathon to date is 3.29. I...


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