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Diploma Irish Life Coach Institute & Fetac Level 6 
Business and Life Coaching
NLP Practitioner 
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Finding the right coach will be your critical next step towards implementing the important changes needed in your life. Each Coach has strengths in certain areas. I would add that their strengths come from their personal and professional experiences.
I have coached people with the highest levels of motivation to the lowest. Fortunately for me (as a Life Coach) - I've experienced both.

These episodes in my life might make a connection with you?
- The speed bumps in my Life -
My earliest Goal was to play Senior Hurling for Wexford. I succeeded in playing Underage until i had an accident to a finger which ended this lifetime dream abruptly. 
I subsequently had depression in my late teens & early twenties.
University was not the best years of my life. I was studying subjects I had no real interest in. I’d lost motivation and felt rudderless. I was coasting through life.
In my Marketing career I was made redundant 4 times
That was my life until I hit 30. Then I decided to take control...

Since engaging with Life Coaching and becoming a coach I have turned my life around and help others to do the same...
- Qualified as a  Life & Business Coach.
- Became Self Employed (started a sports Events business)
- Qualified Personal Trainer 
- Wrote a book that became an Amazon Kindle No1 bestseller  'Outcomerun -      Positivity gives you the Edge'
- Finished Marathon des Sables (the world's toughest footrace)
- Finished 2 x Ironman distance races
- Motivational speaker for Super Generation
- Professional speaker for Trans4mind
- Motivational speaker & Goal Workshop facilitator 

My ongoing Goal is to continue being a happy person.
Having had a few bumps along the way in life - it has allowed me to gather a lot of 'life experience'. This leaves me best placed to understand how setting Goals and making changes to achieve those Goals can have a very positive impact on your life.

Latest News
In 2016 I will run Dublin City Marathon in 2hours 58mins & 30sec's by training hard and using my Mindfulness techniques

This is the Swivel Chair to sub 3 Marathon challenge

The quick facts: I am 41. My fastest marathon to date is 3.29. I...


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